DAAWO Sawirada Cida Guushu Raacday Feedhkii Xalay ee Mudada Dheer La Sugayay

 Feeryahanka Ameerikaanka ah ee Floyd Mayweather ayaa ku guulaystay cayaarihii feedhka ee muddo tobanaan sannadood ah la sugayey.

Mayweather wuxuu kaga guulaystay ninkii reer Filibiin ee ay is hayeen Manny Pacquiao, go’aan loo dhan yahay

oo ay garsoorayaashu gaadheen.Ku dhowaad 17,000 oo qof ayaa dagaalkaas ku daawaday MGM Grand Garden Arena oo ah halka uu feerku ka dhacayey ee magaalada Las Vegas.

Ilaa 3 Malyan oo qof oo dunida kala jooga ayaa feedhkaas kala socday TV-yada lacagta lagu daawado.

Tikidho badan oo lagu galayey feedhka ayaa dib loogu sii iibiyey tobanaan kun oo Doollar.

The fighters had an embrace and a smile for each other after going at it for 12 energy-sapping rounds in Sin CityPacquiao closes his eyes as he comes to terms with the loss after going the distance with MayweatherPacquiao has his hands up as Mayweather tries with a left - it was Mayweather straight punches that got the better of PacquiaoPacquiao blocks as Mayweather throws a right hand in the opening exchanges as the pair tried to find their rangePacquiao struggled to get close enough to Mayweather to land any big shots in the first couple of roundsThe American was dancing his way out of trouble as Pacquiao came out swinging without any really finding their targetPacquiao did have his moments and had Mayweather on the ropes but the American never looked in any real troubleMayweather made contact with a straight right - a weapon he kept deploying against PacquiaoMayweather plays up to the crowd after the fight but he was given the warmest welcome by fight fans in his home cityMayweather confirmed after the fight that he will have one more contest - in SeptemberMayweather listens to his father Floyd Snr between rounds of the gruelling encounter with the FilipinoPacquiao covers his face as Mayweather smells blood and tries to follow upReferee Kenny Bayless had to step in to keep the pair apart at the end of the third and had to split them a few timesMayweather kept coming back at Pacquiao after the Filipino went to work on his body and on a few occasions mouthed 'no' at his opponentPacquiao takes on water and has his right eye seen to by his corner in between rounds Referee Bayless keeps a close eye as Mayweather and Pacquiao get tangled up after trading shotsAnother straight punch from Mayweather catches Pacquiao flush in the face This one from Pacquiao gets through the Mayweather defence but the American is quick and manages to avoid taking the lotMayweather and his team plan the Money Man's next move as he takes a breather between rounds at the MGM Grand garden Arena Pacquiao listens to some words of wisdom from coach Freddie Roach as he tries to find a way to get the better of MayweatherPacquiao was the first man in the ring and was given a rousing reception from the fight fans at the famous Vegas arenaPacquiao looked relaxed as he made his way in and had time for a smileThe American wasn't far behind as he made his entrance in gold and black with his Mayweather Promotions baseball cap onThe fans were going crazy for the fighters as they made their way to the ring at 8.45pm local time