Plane with Saudi logo lands in Israel for maintenance

Carrying no Saudi nationals, the Airbus aircraft arrived for ‘routine maintenance procedure’

A Saudi plane carrying just two crew landed in Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday for what Israeli officials said was a “routine maintenance procedure.”

Normally the landing in Israel of a plane bearing a Saudi logo would be unthinkable as the two countries have no officials relations; however it is understood the aircraft had no Saudi nationals on board.

The plane, an A330-300 leased to the Gulf kingdom’s flagship carrier, belongs to the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

The maintenance contract was signed between European consortium and a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) without Saudi involvement.

“IAI confirmed that the Airbus came to IAI facilities in order to have maintenance work done due to an agreement that IAI has with a European company that leases the plane to Saudi Arabia,” a spokeswoman for IAI was quoted by the Jerusalem Post as saying.



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