EAD is issuing an urgent appeal to the Somalilanders in Somaliland and the Diaspora, NGO’s and the international relief organisations to assist in the humanitarian crisis resulting from the impacts of drought in the Horn of Africa. Rainfall over the past two consecutive seasons have been below-normal level, as a result, people and their livestock are facing a catastrophic crisis. The drought has lowered agricultural production, decimated livestock, and deteriorated food security and nutrition conditions in many parts of the Somaliland.


The regions that have been heavily impacted by the drought are Hawd, Maroodijeex, Saaxil, Gabiley, Salal and Awdal. Hundreds of thousands of people and their livestock are both starving and desperate in need for food and water. Therefore, they need an urgent help before it is too late. EAD is offering a helping hand to people suffering from the effects of severe drought. EAD’s current focus is organising deliveries of some basic food and water to struggling people in the severely affected regions.

We are working closely with GH HOODAALE and a team of dedicated volunteers who are on the ground and ready to help, but need additional support and financial contribution to get Emergency supplies to those in desperate need. East Africa development is a Non-Governmental Organisation that supports the development of communities in some of the most economically challenged regions https://youtu.be/ZrVVv5QOEQo

If you would like to contribute this Emergency appeal, please contact EAD at info@eastafricadevelopment.org http://eastafricadevelopment.org