Halkan Ka Daawo Ilmada Iyo Oohinta Taageerayaashii Hillary Clinton Kadib Guushii Laga Laga Guulaystay.

Halkan hoose ka daawo sawirada taageereyaasha Murashaxa Hilary Clinton Oo Ilmada iska tiraya

Disaster: As Hillary Clinton continued to slide in the election results, her supporters across America began to look increasingly distraught. This was the moment it was announced that Trump was dominating FloridaBro force: Two Trump supporters at a private party in the New York Hilton shared a happy hug as their candidate continued on his path to controlling AmericaTime's up: Clinton campaign chair John Podesta told the crowds to leave the Javits Center at around 2:15am Wednesday. The Clinton campaign seemed to want to keep fighting, but their followers were clearly crushed by the loss of the electionDisbelief: This Clinton voter didn't seem to believe that his favored candidate's campaign had failed - and the Clinton campaign followed suit, refusing to concede early Wednesday morningConsolation: Two Clinton supporters lean on each other for help as Manhattan shortly before Manhattan learned that Clinton's loss was certainFamily support: A daughter supports her mom as they slump to the ground outside the Jacob Javis Center, the home of Clinton's ultimately presumptuous election party, on Tuesday nightFamily support: A daughter supports her mom as they slump to the ground outside the Jacob Javis Center, the home of Clinton's ultimately presumptuous election party, on Tuesday nightAll dressed up, no place to go: Two New York Clinton supporters in fancy dress clutch each other outside the Jacob Javits Center in New YorkBroken up: Many Clinton supporters at the party, held in the Jacob Javits Center, burst into tears as Clinton's push became increasingly doomedDistraught: The emotions were too much for many as Clinton's campaign continued to take a severe pummellingDisbelief: Many voters couldn't seem to understand how their candidate had failed so badlyTears: Clinton supporters at her New York 'party on the easternmost side of Midtown Manhattan were reduced to tears as Donald Trump swept across the map, sucking up states for the Republican partyCheers: Trump supporters let their joy be known on Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House on election day, as their favorite romped home to victoryFeeling OK: Oklahoma City residents thrilled as Donald Trump took another state on TuesdayCelebration: This man was clearly elated as Trump romped home to a surprise victory Strike a pose: A Trump supporter poses with her 'Make America Great Again' hat in the New York Hilton party Hands in the air like they really do care: A room full of Trump supporters react Holed up: A somber mood hung over the Peninsula Hotel - where Clinton was holed up watching her campaign implode - on Tuesday nightHoled up: A somber mood hung over the Peninsula Hotel - where Clinton was holed up watching her campaign implode - on Tuesday nightOn guard: Cops surrounded the Peninsula Hotel on Tuesday night as Hillary Clinton took in the results. Clinton's staff had frozen out reporters as her failure became certainHeavily armed: Earlier in the night, heavily armed NYPD officers were seen guarding the Democratic hopeful - unaware of how thoroughly Trump would sweep many statesShock: Many of the pro-Clinton camp seemed to be in shock as their candidate's campaign failedFlagging: Supporters didn't even have the energy to wave their flags as support for Clinton continued to fallStreet view: On New York's streets, too, people seemed in shock - these people were watching the results on the Times Square Jumbotron Jubilation: The vibe in the Trump party, just two miles away from the Clinton event, was a lot brighter, with cheering and chants of 'lock her up' as their candidate continued to sweep across AmericaNationwide support: Florida supporters cheer as Trump's success in Florida is predicted by news media - a prediction that ultimately proved absolutely spot-onDistraught: Several supporters appeared distraught as Clinton's plans for Presidential success unraveledHorror: Looks of horror swept over the crowd as Clinton slipped away from successSad day: It was a crushing climax to Clinton's two-year campaign for PresidentFeeling blue: Hillary Clinton supporters in New York grew visibly gloomy as the US map slowly turned red and Trump's ascension to President became inevitableLosing hope: New York rally crowds watched in despair as Clinton lost her grip on the USTearful: Clinton supporters looked drained and on the verge of tears as their candidate faltered in the national electionPopularity slump: A Clinton supporter cradles her head as the reality of the Democratic candidate's fate sinks inIn tears: Even Clinton supporters in the University of Sydney, Australia, were struck hard by her struggleHappy disbelief: Some Trump supporters appeared to show disbelief as he increased his hold on the American voter baseWhite with shock: Clinton supporters hold their breath as results roll in about their candidate's collapse in the raceGoing down: Clinton supporters in New York's Javits Center steeled themselves as their candidate continued to fallHold your head: A candidate clasps his face as states successively rejected ClintonNight terrors: As the night wore on, and the possibility of a Trump win became more real, the fear of Clinton fans became more pronouncedFrozen out: While supporters like this one grimaced at the election results, reporters were frozen out from speaking to senior Clinton aides - not an unusual occurrence with the Clinton campDowncast ballot: The cross-section of Clinton's supporters were unified in misery as the routes to her victory closed off, one by oneLiving on a prayer: The party mood that began with Jon Bon Jovi Monday night collapsed by Sunday eveningDown, under: Clinton supporters in Sydney, Australia, fidgeted as their hopes and dreams evaporated