Daawo:Somaliland iyo Imaaraadka oo Goor Dhoweyd Heshiiskii Saldhiga Militari Qalinka Ku Duugay

Dubai (GNN)UAE IYO Somaliland are signing today an Historical bilateral agreement ( No Somalia involved ). The UAE Government is going to set up a military base in Berbera and in return, Somaliland will get an investment focused on infrastructures includes ” the Berbera to Wajale highway ” which will cost around $300 million, Brand new Airport in Berbera with a Terminal & a new runway ( expected to attract Emirates Airlines & Etihad Airways )and an additional investments for New Water Dams, Water wells, Hospitals , Schools and a total regeneration of Berbera city. The total investment is estimated at around 2 Billion USD.

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