The Aggression of Federal Somalia against Somaliland Republic

On the dawn of May 15, 2018, the armed forces of Federal Somalia waged unexpected attack on Somaliland Republic armed forces based at Tuka-raq. Somalia’s forces attacked through the front of Puntland Administration of Federal Somalia whilst Somaliland Republic was busy celebrating its 27th anniversary of regaining its independence from Somalia achieved on June 26, 1960. Somaliland forces repelled the attacks and inflicted heavy losses on the invading enemy forces.

The land of Harti People in Sool and Eastern Sanaag is located within Somaliland British colonial borders. It is integral and inseparable part of independent Somaliland. Thus, there is no “disputed land or territories” in Somaliland as some may claim preposterously. Somaliland does not accept the idea of “disputed land in Somaliland” as any other African country would not accept to call part of its territory “disputed land”

The borders of Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti or any other Africa country have the same international status and legitimacy because they all had been drawn by European Colonial powers. Anyone who opposes the legitimacy of Somaliland borders, its statehood, its independence, and its diplomatic recognition is challenging the borders and sovereignty of all African independent states (54 states) whose borders also rose from their colonial borders.

African borders are based on land only and not on lineage or clans. There are no clan borders or clan states in Africa or anywhere else in this world. There are only national land-based borders in Africa whose nations consist of many tribes or clans that share common borders and sovereignty.

The following African clans clearly show of how same African clans are distributed over different countries. The inhabitance or residence of some African clans is as follows:

1. Fulani Clan: This clan inhabits in Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon etc.

2. Tuareg Clan: This clan has inhabitance in Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, Niger etc.

3. Lunda Clan: This clan inhabits in Congo, Zambia, and Angola.

4. Yoruba Clan: This clan has inhabitance in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo.

5. Maasai Clan: This clan resides in Kenya, and Tanzania.

6. Afar Clan: This clan inhabits in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti

7. Gabooye Clan: This clan inhabits in Somaliland, Somalia, Ethiopia

8. Berber Clan: This clan has inhabitance in Morroco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria.

9. Isaaq Clan: This clan inhabits in Somaliland, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti

10. Samaroon Clan: This tribe inhabits in Somaliland, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.

11. Hawiye Clan: This clan inhabits in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

12. Darood Clan: This clan inhabits in Somalia, Somaliland, Kenya, Ethiopia

13. Rahanwein Clan: This clan has inhabitance in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

14. Essa Clan: This clan inhabits in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somaliland.

Ibrahin Xassan Gagale

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