Raysal Wasaarada Itoobiya Oo Ku Dhawaaqay In Diyaarada Ethiopain Airlines Joojisay Duulimadyadii Ay Ku Tagaysay 30 Dal.

Hargeisa(GNN):-Dawlada Itoobiya  ayaa ku dhawaaqay in ay joojisay duulimaadkii ay diyaarada itoobiyaan Airlines ku tagi lahayd 30dal Ka hortaga xanuunka coronavirus awgii.

Raysalwasaare Abiy axmed oo ka hadlay talaabada ay Diyaarada itoobiya ku joojisay duulimaadyadeeda 30dal isagoo sheegay in ay xukuumadu bixin doonto wixii kharash ah ee dadka rakaabka ah ee iyagu tigidhka goostay

Halkan kaga bogo warkan oo ay faafisay waraahinta dawlada itoobiya;

Ethiopian Suspends Flights to 30 Countries

Addis Ababa, March 20/2020Ethiopian Airlines has suspended flights to 30 countries effective today because of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the decision was made with the view to protecting citizens from the fast spreading of Coronavirus.

All passengers entering the country by air will also be quarantined for fourteen days, covering their own expenses for the stay, he added.

The premier further announced that inmates who have children and whose probationary period is nearing as well as those arrested for minor crimes will be released.

Besides, night clubs will remain closed, he said.

Abiy finally stated that agreement has been reached with religious institutions to decide by themselves toward implementing mechanisms that prevent the spread of the virus.