European Parliament adopts urgency resolution on Ethiopia, calls for peace and dialogue

The words that Prime Minister Abiy expressed on the occasion of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, about a year ago, were taken up by several parliamentarians (for example Members of the European Parliament Z. Zovko and H. Heide) to underline the contrast between the commitment to cooperation and peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea and the current in the Tigray region. Several other parliamentarians (C. Zorrinho, A. Kanko and E. Roughly) further underlined the differences between the political results achieved a year ago and the escalation of violence that has been taking place for three weeks now. All parliamentarians called for a peaceful dialogue between all parties involved and hoped that the three senior African Envoy representatives sent to Addis Ababa, together with the mediation work carried out by the African Union, could put an end to human rights violations.

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